©Mireia Vila Soriano.


She has a Superior Degree in Arts by Universidad Politécnica facultad de Bellas Artes de Valencia, a Complementary Degree in Photography by Solent University, UK and a Master Degree in Set designer by Technische Universität, Berlin, Germany.
She works within the context of Theatre, Dance, Cinema, Installation and Photography.
Her aesthetics have always a poetical component, she manages to find, in a very intuitive way, the beauty in the imperfection of the materials. And she achieves this goal with a stunning sensitivity.

She usually sets her work in a social-historical context, and quite often, she makes the audience get involved in it and become an active element of her interpretation.
She has worked in film productions like Team Work and she also participated in Philip Grüning film productions. It should be pointed out the independent film “Die Frau des Polizisten” jury reward in Venice Film Festival 2013.
She has also worked in Theaters like Landesbühne Sachsen Theaterhaus, Radebeul, Theater Trier, Bauhaus Theater, Dessau, Teatro Real or CDN, Madrid.
Her last works as costume and set diseigner are;
“Europe Endless” dance- performance by Ana Cembrero Coca in Matadero, Madrid and The Theater plays “Flimmern” by Michael Schindlmeire in Theater Zukunft, Berlín and “Los Temporales” by Lucía Carballal, directed by Víctor Sánchez Rodríguez in Centro Dramático Nacional, Madrid.

As a Photographer she has worked for artists like Philip Safer or Carlos Arroyo Galaxia, in Artgalleries like Invaliden1 in Berlin or Theater HAU also in Berlin.